Q & A

Q:  Why are there no captions accompanying the photographs on your website?

A:  Understatement.  This website is not about the decedents whose lives are memorialized by the monuments erected by them, or to them.  Rather, it is limited to the aesthetics and grandeur of the funerary architecture and the photographic expression thereof.

Q:  Why are the locations of the funerary architecture not provided on your website?

A:  Most certainly, there is nothing secretive about the locations of the depicted funerary architecture included herein.  Notwithstanding, hopefully such obfuscation will help obviate frivolous necropolis tourism.

Q:  Do you accept photographic submissions of funerary architecture to be included on your website?

A:  The photographs shown herein are exclusively the work of Jacob Vulpine; images from other sources will not be included.  (If you wish to personally share your own images of funerary architecture [via e-mail attachment or as shown on your website], they will be appreciatively received.)

Q:  Do you sell prints of your photographs?

A:  This website is not a commercial enterprise, however, accommodating a request for a mounted print (suitable for framing), or a poster sized copy, may be considered on an individual basis.

Q:  I know of funerary architecture that is aesthetically and/or uniquely noteworthy.  Would you be interested in photographing it?

A:  Yes.  Any pertinent information submitted will be appreciatively received.

The End